Git Voch

(Does anyone else have trouble with spell-check when you want to write a word in Yiddish? Wanted to turn my wishes for a good week, above, into "Get vouch"...)

I needed this very quiet shabbos of true deep rest.
I find I am missing my beloved more intensely as we approach Yom Kippur, as the days and nights get cooler, as I sit in the time that we used to share some of our "cheshbon ha-nefesh", seeing what needed repair in our ways of doing our lives.
Now I must try to see clearly enough to do it by myself.

Tonight, after shabbos, a unique concert: a young man of the community who has been living in Ukraine, telling his story and performing his songs---Moving and sweet and talented. It was a privilege to witness, and a delight to hear.

Suddenly it feels much closer to Yom Kippur...and still so much taking account of my life still to be done!
Good night.