A next day

I am convinced, now, that I will be able to function mostly normally fairly soon.

So now I can relax and allow my friend to help me as much as she wanted to.

Friends have also funtioned as food-angels, since i am not really up to cooking.

Today I was allowed to be upright. The face cradle (which reminds me of the stanchions sometimes used for miking goats) is off the table and off the bed.

("Oh frabjous day!

Calloo, callay

They chortled in their joy"

from "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll)

Late in the afternoon, we walked the small loop at Viele Lake. (Beautiful.)

We hung the birdfeeder a few days ago, and the birds are rediscovering it (after the squirrells.)

Grateful to my friend for help; grateful to folks who are bringing food while I am still not up to cooking; grateful for health insurance and a good doctor.

And for all the expressions of caring and support, and of friendship and healing prayer.