No, my 70th birthday is NOT a week from yesterday, but TWO weeks from yesterday.

Is inability to read a calendar a sign of aging?

There are signs abounding.

My auto registration is up for renewal---and requires an emission test.

The marauding squirrels have taken down the bird feeder again.

Mishka the Cat is ignoring me today.

I'd swear I saw the Malakh ha-Mavet waving on the way elsewhere---not planning a visit any time soon; just cultivating a friendly familiarity.

I am looking forward to resuming my regular 7 a.m. minyan tomorrow, followed perhaps by a visit to the goats, who now live across the street from the shul.

Then suddenly it's already time to prepare for shabbos.

It's a schedule that both wakes me up, and allows me to snuggle down into it.

Heading up to bed---very early for me. Maybe Mishka will visit.