Already the 20th

We are entering Aquarius.

My grandmother's birthday, z'l, was late in January, and my own is early in February. And I remember this period before the birthday always as a kind of deconstruction...Any unfinished business, any lousy habits that I have not managed to dismantle, transform or accept, come processing before me in a parade, saying: "Remember me? Here I am; I'm still here..."

(Hearing Elaine Stritch singing Sondheim: "Good times and bum times, I've seen them all; and my dear: I'm still here.")

Soon I will go out to see what the moon is doing tonight.

Surely the raccoons will be out there too, and perhaps the skunk.

We will stand there separately-together, on the deck or on the grass or in the bushes, looking up at the night sky

and thanking G-d

in our different ways

that we are lucky enough to be alive

to witness the fine quirks of Mother Nature

in this our only habitable world.



truly grateful

I am..."

(John Bucchino; check out his song "Grateful" on youtube)