After ordination

Each year I think the OHaLa conference, that wonderful gaggle of wild and wooly Jewish Renewal clergy, cannot get better---and each year it does.

Today, I came stumbling in late for a session I begged to lead: I had tripped and fallen, and getting back together took a bit of time. (Don't worry; all is well.) I found myself drawn to teaching things I had done many years ago---things we can do to bring the body present, to release some levels of tension, to inhabit ourselves. I am not entirely sure how it went over, but I enjoyed it.

If this level of unexpectedness keeps up, I will acquire a reputation for you-never-know-what-she-may-do.

The ordination ceremony was touching---and it was, as always, REAL.

That is what is so unique, I believe, about the Aleph ordinations: there is a real transmission of authority and power, for the sake of deep service to the soul of the world.

This was followed by a delightful dinner with friends (old and new), and a marvelous session of music led by Joey Weisenberg. I had heard about his work, but had not experienced it before.

Sheer delight.

Now, I am ready to leave the sleeping Mishka the Cat curled up by my right arm, and sneak off to go to sleep myself.