Friend arrived

...and the day was so lovely that I drove to the airport and not a bit of snow remained on the road.

After leaving luggage at home, we loaded the 3-gallon glass bottles and went to Eldorado Springs. Their price per gallon has doubled, but is still a third of that in the grocery store. And I always enjoy visiting that funky tiny town, where you can see climbers in the State Park as a backdrop, hawks flying circles, or local dogs.

Here at home we now have a great backlog of vegetarian food in the refrigerator. (Sometimes when I'm anxious, I cook.)

My housemate is sick, and I brewed up some of the concoction that scares colds away. (Fresh ginger root, garic cloves, raw organic honey and organic cider vinegar; simmer in water till the house smells.) Also scares most people away.

A friend of a friend has emailed me his experience with the very same surgery I am about to undergo; hearing a first-hand report was very settling, and quite a relief.

I am remembering how unfailingly kind and appreciative my beloved was of the doctors and any other personnel helping him through all manner of health crises. Here he was on the cardiac ward in Connecticut, concentrating inward to give blessings.

I wasn't as certain of the potency of my prayers; I brought chocolate.

Blessings; good night.