So grateful for shabbos.
A quiet day, slow and easy.  I napped on the sofa mid afternoon, and Cat napped atop the back.
She is finding the places she likes hanging out:  living room hassock, back of the sofa, floor, dining room chair, desk chair if I am in my study.  She is not interested in the upstairs.  She has come up there with me twice, and seems to feel that is enough.
Or maybe she just want to be closer to her litter box...

This evening I went to see a film on American Sufism produced by Netanel with Chuck Davis. Well done! It reminded me of my first years in the Bay Area, and the community of Sufi Sam Lewis.

When I came home I realized how much preparing I still must do before Monday for the HIgh Holy Days.  Not only preparing pieces of liturgy or processes I will be leading; but especially the internal preparations.  It has all been brewing inside me for a month, but not yet come clear.  It has been a very unclear year!

I will check email tomorrow, then not be on the computer during Rosh HaShanah.
I wish you all rich and meaningful Holy Days, and a good, fulfilling year to come, with all the needed miracles.

Sweet dreams.  (Oho---cat has just come into the study, climbed onto my desk, and sits at my elbow purring...)