I had the delight of a visit from a friend this evening.  We sat at the dining room table and played with water colors while talking, caatching up, exploring.  What a delightful way to unravel and  visit.
It's already here.
Somehow, while going through the rest of the day, I managed to not-realize that the Thursday morning when I am leading the excursion to Indian Hot Springs for the annual pre-High Holy Days mikveh is TOMORROW (though of course somewhere I knew...when else could it be?)

I will be doing it somewhat differently this time, and will report after.
The sensations of "differently" live in my body.  My body itself is different from last year.  Who lives in this house is different from last year; also true for who lives in the house of my body.
True of all of us.

Blessings.  Good night.