At last

It has taken me this long to unwind.

I started Yom Kippur with the Conservative shul, popped to the Renewal shul today to lead Yizkor, back to finish where I started.

What touched me and is still nergling in my mind was R' Marc's sermon based on Mr. Rogers, the main point of which was: be kind.

When I came home, I spent at least an hour exploring how very often I sacrifice kindness in favor of some other motive...and was seriously ashamed. It gave me the gift of one of those moments of seeing that cannot be un-seen: how often I have led with a quality other than kindness.


Tomorrow, I start clearing the deck for putting up the sukkah; my favorite holiday.

There will be more gaps in CaringBridge entries because of the holiday and also a conference this weekend, but they will resume.


Little Cat is finding favorite spots...right now, she is on my desk right behind the laptop; I see her tail and the tips of her ears. When I lowered my screen to peek at her, she gave me this indignant look:

"I am hiding!"

Blessings, as we all start anew.