It begins

The season really started tonight, with Slichot services.
Rabbi Marc and morah Yehudis preceded it with havdalah and a showing of the film Coco---very apt.

I am still asking myself how to repair not having told someone sufficiently how grateful I am for their presence and influence in my life.  

I wish I could say that most of my sins have been those of omission, but it isn't true.  In my  impatience, indignation, or actual outrage, I have said things that I cannot take back, sometimes in hurtful ways.  I forget that my feeling something intensely doesn't necessarily make it true or right.
Or, even if it is, that vociferous expression may not necessarily be the best one.

Little cat, whose name I've yet to discover, is quiet and solitary, spending much time in the recesses of the closet in the guest room.  Tonight, I found her comfortably on the bed.  She greeted me politely, but did not follow me into the back office.

Blessings, as we slide into the holiday season.