Cat report

I still don't know her name.  And no photo to include, yet.
She has spent most of the day snuggled down in a corner of the closet in the guest room which has now become her own.  Early evening, I checked the room, and she was settled on the bed/sofa.  I greeted her, and she followed me out to the kitchen for dinner.  Then she went and sat on a hassock by the big easy chair, and looked at me as if to  invite I sat.
She climbed onto me, settled down, and purred as she let me stroke her.
When she had enough, she left and returned to the guest room.  She has chosen to sleep there the last two nights.
She is impeccable with the litter box.

This is a very different cat-relationship---rather formal and courteous, so far.  She is undemanding, communicative as needed, and rather private.
I understand---she has just lost her Person, and any familiar place that retained a scent of him.  She has been kidnapped to another country.
Considering how long it is taking me to re-design my life after losing my beloved, I would say she is doing very well.

Now we are each going to our beds to dream.