A very furry cat has settled by my elbow; her swishing tail has sent papers to the floor. She hid most of the day, all through the visit of the friends who brought a well-behaved seeing-eye dog (what a good visit; missed Zalman's presence.) As I was about to leave for a potluck, she reappeared and met my carpooling friend. She was still out to greet me when I returned.

It is almost Yom Kippur.

Still a little time to say:

if I have, in the course of this blog, or in person, or on the phone, or in any other context or in any other time, hurt or offended or injured anyone reading this, please let me know so that I can make amends and ask your forgiveness. You can do so on this blog, if you wish; or if you want privacy, you can send to my email address, .

Sending blessings, during this most liminal time...