This morning, at the end of early morning services, Rabbi Marc gave us the text of the "Hatarat Nedarim", the annullment of vows, small or large, conscious or unconscious, that we made in the past year and did not fulfill. It is a clearing of the decks, so that our words remains good, and not hollow. We each recited this before a "beis din" of three others, and were absolved of these accumulated vows.

If you are not familiar with it, it is worth looking up and contemplating.


But now I am sending on this site something very different: a request for help that I just sent to some personal friends who may not access this site. If this is a repeat for you, I apologize.

G-d willing, you will hear from me after the end of the Sabbath.


We are in the week between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur—a very liminal time in our tradition. I’m writing to ask your help.

The sight in my left eye is blurry in the extreme.

I made an appointment with the eye doc today, expecting to hear that a cataract in my left eye was now ripe enough for removal.

Instead, she was very concerned at what she saw behind my retina, did not know just what was going on, took lots of pics and made a date with the retinal specialist for me for tomorrow afternoon. (It is not a detached retina.) So I expect to take taxis to and from the appointment, and will be settled back at home before the sabbath.

My initial fear has settled down somewhat into a mixture of curiosity, wariness and hope, with a soupçon of alarm.

So I’m asking you to please add me in to the list of those for whom you pray for healing, along with your friends and relatives and our government…In the Jewish tradition we list the person by their first name and that of their mother. So I am “Eve Rochelle, the daughter of Sheba”. Or, if you prefer Hebrew, Chava Rachel bat Batsheva.

Thank you; and wishing us all a sweet and good year, and a good and restorative shabbos.