Friends, I am really out of it tonight.

This morning, I showed up on time at the dermatologist's office to have some basal cell carcinoma carefully sliced off my nose.
All went well; only one slice needed.
I've been rather out-of-it for the remainder of the day: ice pack on my nose periodically; extra-strength Tylenol alternating with regular Advil, as advised.
Very strange sensation.
And very grateful.

Netanel returned this evening, and reminded me of frozen peas.  I'll be returning to Zalman's easy chair near the kitchen and the peas.  Some of my nose is still numb-ish, for which I am grateful.
I have one slightly black eye, and look generally weird.

Other than that, and our insane politics, all is well.  Boulder is receiving some welcome rain; it will smell lovely in the morning.

(for those who want to add me to your prayers for healing, I am Chava bat Batsheva.)
Good night.