Unusual Shabbat

Well,  I knew it would be different.

Friday before sunset, I delivered half the chicken soup to a friend who is now home after a serious surgery.  He is looking not-bad, and his cat may be keeping an eye on him.

Today, I dressed in white (including a sun hat) and joined all the folks gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Church.  I managed to hang in there for three hours, greeting folks I knew and folks I didn't.  Also, hearing from a woman who had taken sanctuary with her children at the church---which means she cannot go anywhere else safely.  Her husband had been deported for a very minor infraction, (drivers' license,) and she does not know if she and her children will ever see him again.
When I made my way home, the demonstration was still going strong.
We'll see tomorrow what the local Sunday paper will have made of it.

Late afternoon it was my turn to bring another care-package of chicken soup to a member of our local women writers' group; she is healing from surgery.  This turned out to be an unexpected, utterly delightful visit with someone I had met, but not yet come to know...a person who has plenty of ideas on how to make repairs of our broken world, and some experience as well.

I had just returned home, and was making Havdalah, when I remembered that this was the night of a friend's 69th birthday party.  I figured I would arrive in time to give good wishes, and be ushered out with the last guests...
When I left after midnight, they were still going strong.
I got to give the birthday-guy a seriously good (and I hope strong) blessing.

It has been a most unusual shabbos, and I go to bed contented.  And very ready for sleep.