A rich day

I received many gifts today---


  • A beautiful day, birds at the feeders in back, air a little moister than usual here, lush green growing both before and behind the house
  • A good friend came up from Denver to join me at the Jewish Fair on the Pearl St. Mall, after which we went to the Boulder Public Library's annual book sale (yum)
  • and I got to do some work, receive and make some phone calls
  • and walk around Viele Lake meeting folks and dogs and the new goose families---more have hatched since I came back
It is feeling increasingly normal to do alone those things we used to do together.
It felt immeasurably richer to do them together.
Still, Life beckons me to re-enter the dance with as full a heart as I can manage.
We'll see how full a heart i can manage.
Good night.