...celebration of a unique life.

Tonight, dear and remarkable friends came for a potluck, some risking life and limb driving beneath strong hail, and we celebrated R' Zalman's life with stories.  Many things in common; and...each person's story was unique.  The stories reminded us of his unusual combination of qualities: real wisdom, insight, keen intuition, unexpected modes of expression, originality, playfulness, brilliance---and most of all, deep caring and the application of his formidable wisdom on behalf of others with real love.
There was good food, rain and hail on the skylights, the Kaddish in Hebrew because we were short the ten Jews needed for the traditional Kaddish in Aramaic, communal improvisation for the tasty meal, and stories and blessings.

I was happy to have the clean-up time quiet and alone, to digest the nourishment of the evening.
The love that Zalman planted in his rich lifetime continues to bear fruit.

Blessings, blessings.
Good night.