Such a beautiful shabbos

Elusive, changing weather.
Sun and the promise of heat.
Then rain in the afternoon, and the wonderful scent in the air.
Then dry and clear.
A truly restful shabbat.

Then, near evening, I went to a dinner gathering of all of us who participated in last year's fundraiser performance of "Jewish Broadway", to share the video of the performance.
What an impressive collection of talent, and what a delight.

Tomorrow night begins the yohrzeit of my beloved.  It will be four years.
It feels like no time and it feels like forever.
Some whose lives he touched deeply have asked me how to commemorate the yohrzeit.
First, to remember how he has affected our lives.  How would your life have been different had you never met, in person or through his books or students?  And if there is advice you had received from him that you still have not followed, you might examine your current circumstance and see if it is perhaps now time...
Second, to give tzedakah in his memory---either money to a well-selected cause, one that puts good into the world; or doing some other act of generosity toward a general or specific good.
Third---you might add your presence to a minyan so that others may be able to say Kaddish for their own loved ones.
If you are local, you might want to spend a few minutes at his grave in the Green Mountain Cemetery--
a very beautiful spot.

Dream deep.