After shabbos

Every week I rediscover how grateful I am for shabbos as if I had not realized it just the week before.

I fell asleep reading in the chaise upstairs in the bedroom, and wakened six hours later.
It felt like those times I fell asleep downstairs in Zalman's recliner---dropping precipitously off into deep and long unconsciousness.  I made my way to the bed for a last two hours.

It was a beautifully long shabbos day---light breakfast with a friend, chicken soup lunch with another, reading quietly inside, then amidst the bird-chirps outside on the porch swing.  Watching the clouds come in and praying for rain.  (Not yet.)  It was the kind of shabbos that really restores balance.

Tomorrow there will be a dedication of the library at the Boulder JCC.  I've been asked to introduce my beloved's library with some explanation of his two to three minutes.
I'll let you know how that went tomorrow night.

Blessings, blessings for a good week...