Yikes, it's almost...

-->time to pack for travel!
But not quite.

Meanwhile, though, I am musing and turning over in my mind what/how I would like to teach this year.
I enjoy this phase of preparing.  I can even do it while weeding,which is how I spent part of my morning.  Even when material is the same, I never end up teaching it exactly the same way; so much depends on who is there, and what has been happening in our world. 
And of course, no matter what I prepare for a teaching at a yontiff retreat, the need-of-that-moment may have different ideas.  My committment is to be open to that wind, allow it to up-end whatever little cart of carefully crafted goodies I have brought with me, and to let it blow through me.  I always hope I have honed myself into a good-enough instrument to be useful.  I never take that for granted.

And none of it will work well unless I begin getting enough sleep.
Since I need to be up a little less than 8 hours from now to go to minyan, I am going to do a revolutionary thing and actually sign off early and go upstairs.