A new Monday

I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to clean up my laptop...(delete, delete, delete...)
It doesn't seem to help.

I notice the same process cleaning out the refrigerator.
And what about art supplies, clothes, chachkas?

On the one hand, clearing up is a very good thing to do.
On the other, I can also use it to avoid doing other more challenging things.
Right now, the challenging thing I am avoiding is going through the printouts of the early entries on this site.  It seems that longing and grief have cycles and rhythms of their own, independent of logic; and sometimes they simply resurge and overwhelm me.

Fortunately, I also must prepare my material for the Shavuot retreat which will begin the shabbos after next; so there should be some balance in the days to come.

Good news:  the six new goslings are well and thriving, and turning darker from the original light-yellow; now they look almost green.  And I remember how Zalman used to delight in the new hatchlings every Spring.

Sweet dreams...