At Cousin Barbara's

I navigated driving in Downtown Philadelphia, in order to visit with a friend with whom I'd not had the pleasure of uninterrupted time in years.

I am sleeping tonight in my cousin's gorgeous downtown apartment...the cousin whose husband died very recently. We are having the rare gift of real TIME together:  we walked to a nearby gourmet grocery and back in the light drizzle...(isn't "drizzle" a wonderful word?)  A leisurely dinner, then a continued conversation.
She held an honoring of his life on exactly the weekend I could not come; but I got to see and read about it.   

I know  this territory; I know the place she is on this journey.
She does not write or journal; nor does she have the kind of company-of-community like you have been to me.  But last week she and the family held a remarkable celebration of his life, and how he had influenced people.  He was a wonderful man, and it was a wonderful relationship

I am more aware than usual of the passing of time, the events both inside and outside that happen only once, and the wish to be awake to it all---that said just before I go to sleep.