At last

I slept like a log, exchanged tales over morning coffee, re-packed, met with our long-time financial advisor, and brunched with my friend and hostess in a quirky-funky new restaurant/thrift shop.
Rented the car and promptly got completely lost in Germantown trying to remember how to get to friends in West Mt. Airy---territory I once knew well.  Then I got even worse lost trying to get to my cousin's on the other side of town.  I finally asked the driver of a nearby car at a stoplight, and she guided me towards the main thoroughfare, Roosevelt Boulevard.

My 90-year old cousin is a night owl, and we just visited until this moment, almost a half-hour after mmidnight.  At eight in the morning, she will be heading to work, and I am deployed to make chicken soup.

Oops...I just fell asleep sitting up at the laptop.  
Good night.