After Shavuot

This time, from the sabbath through the end of the holiday of Shavuot at sundown today, has been out-of-normal-time.  First, we have been at the Isabella Freedman retreat center in rural Western Massachusetts---beautiful.  Then, there have been wonderful musicians, teachers and spiritual leaders here, some old friends, and some new.  And the holiday itself is not only the commemoration of a communal acceptance of a complex ethic, a way of life; it is a re-calibration to receive the instructions we need for now.

I have looked out on lush trees and a lake (inhabited by a very large and very old turtle, whom I believe to be the guardian and keeper of the lake,) clouds and sunsets, rain, sun, birds, chipmunks.
The people who live here and learn (then often teach) organic gardening and goat-keeping are varied and delightful.  I had the joy of visiting with folks I've not seen since last year, and meeting new ones; and the deep delight of attending classes, learning from splendid teachers.  
And since it has been the sabbath followed by holiday, I have not opened the laptop since last Thursday night.  What a gift for mental health...(none of the nasty political bits for a whole 4-1/2 days.)

Tomorrow I head towards Philadelphia, sharing driving with a friend; there I will visit family and friends before heading home to Colorado.
Blessings on us all to hear clearly the newest version of what Zalman, z'l, used to call our "marching orders" for this next period of time, and to be able to carry them out, to the benefit of our beleaguered planet.
Good night.