After rain...

It has been a beautifully slow rainy day---very shabbosdikeh.
I have watched birds enjoying the seed in the feeders, taking shelter from the rain beneath the soffit.  I anticipate an easier time weeding tomorrow.

I am turning over in my mind the things I want to teach this time.  More, I am looking forward to learning from my teachers and colleagues.  And to seeing friends, teachers, students after a year.
On the more mundane level, I am thinking about whether I might cram everything I need for thirteen days into a carry-on.  Wondering where to get the best deal on a rental car at Phildadelphia International Airport.  (Don't forget to pack the Garmin.)  Searching for my recipe for homemade insect repellent, particularly abhorrent to ticks.  Wondering whether I reallyneed white socks and shoes.  (Sigh.)  
It occurs to me that deer-tick infested grass might really put a dent in the number of young people who used to fall into each other's arms every summer for the traditional "roll in the hay".
The link below to a song from those days.  Enjoy.