The Jewish Community Center sponsored the Health Fair today.
You could come in and get everything from blood tests to hearing tests to skin exams and more.
Prices were extremely reasonable for all lab work, and the rest was free.
The most amazing thing, though, was to run into anyone you have ever known in Boulder, including the ones you haven't seen in ages.

I chuckled to discover that the hearing tests were taking place in the beautiful library room of Zalman's books.  Some of you may remember that I worried about Zalman fishing for his hearing aids in his pants pockets, so I got him a small leather bag on a cord to wear around his neck, where it rested mid-chest and was accessible.  In it he kept his hearing aids, cleaning brush and spare itty-bitty batteries.  I was remembering how, after a lunch lecture at Naropa one day, a student approached and very deferentially asked if he might know what Zalman kept in his medicine bag.  Once he realized what the student meant, he held the bag up and cried "Oh!  It's my ears!"

This afternoon I collaborated on Skype about the upcoming Shavuot retreat at Isabella Freedman/Elat Chayyim.  I will be doing some sessions I have done before, and some new.  The coming of the Spring weather is waking new ideas.  I have an idea for a class for couples...
Good night!