Not ready...

It has been a beautiful day---sparkling sunshine, green grass and weeds, the peach tree in front full with pink blossoms, the vinca on the berm out in purple, the chives in the big barrel planter are ready to be cut and used, and even the tiny violets on the path to the house are blooming.  This after yeasterday's snow!
The sweet person who deals with the irrigation system came this morning, turned it on, checked it out, put it on the timer, and encouraged me to give the raised bed another try.  (I have seen the local rabbit hunkered down in it, hopefully waiting for something to sprout.)

This morning, I reached most of Zalman's children, just to touch base.

This afternoon, Resonance, a splendid local chorus, held a concert at a large church, where every single seat was filled and folks were standing in the back.  It is because they are always singing what is timely and necessary and healing to the heart.

This evening, a shiva minyan.  Silly me, I should have realized:  lots of folks on a Sunday.  I will go during the week, when it is harder to gather ten people.

I can feel Spring; but I know Boulder now:  no guarantee it won't snow again.
I feel empty space where Zalman used to enjoy the irregularity of the weather with me, and count the Omer until we reached Shavuot, finding the flavor of the day nestled into the permutations of the lower Sephirot as we count seven weeks of seven days each.  The quality of the day we entered this evening at sunset is Gevurah she-b'Netzach:  a good time to invoke our strength on behalf of something we want to last.