Not ready re-enter the secular week.
It's not that I did not rest this Shabbat:  I did.  Part of this restful day was reading the portion of this week;  part was attending a wonderfully meandering musical performance-event in the splendid back yard of a friend in the light rain.  (Not bad:  when I wakened this morning, it had snowed; by the afternoon it had melted.  Boulder.)

By sunset Iwas refreshed and ready to re-enter the work-week.
Then I opened the computer:  flooded with political bad news and predictions of disaster.
Exhausting, ennervating and endless.
Dare I do an email fast for a week, in hopes of regaining some sanity?
(Another voice says:  ¿How can you chicken out like that?  ¡They're stealing your Social Security, that you depend on, that you already paid into all those years!  Their corruption is spilling over and polluting the whole world.)
I wonder if, instead of reading those emails, I could count up all the political emails without opening, and dedicate a set amount of minutes per email to prayer for the general good.  Might try it for this week.  I am not sure if it will help the overall state of things.  It might support the possibility of my continuted sanity.

This was one of the shabbatot that I missed Zalman deeply, intensely.  It comes in waves.  
This week, I missed both all that we had and all that I hoped for that we did not.  That's harder:  the unfulfilled hope that now will never happen.

Blessings for a week of fulfilled possibility.