A Full Wednesday

This was one fo those days that started and did not stop.
I have been going since early morning.

The best part of the day, however, was the unexpected evening:  I had mercy on the two black bananas, and made a gluten-free banana-chocolate-chip cake, and four of us sat around playing Zalman's and my version of Pirate Scrabble.  I believe I have described it before, but will do it again for the sake of anyone who missed it.
It evolved like this:  
We were playing with Bernie DeKoven, z'l, who had been known as Dr. Fun, and his wife Rocky.
First, Inflationary Scrabble:  If you add onto a word that covers a double, etc., you can double again.
Then, Collaborative Scrabble:  I could do a great word if only I had an "e".  I ask if anyone will trade me the "e" for one of my letters.  
Finally, Pirate Scrabble:  I need a letter for a great word, and no-one will trade me for it.  I see it on the board, and if I exchanged one of my letters for it, the word would remain a legitimate word.  
I get to use the snatched letter for my new word.

All manner of trading, moving, rearranging and multiple-multiplying ensue.  It is both collaborative and competetive.  We appreciate not only one another's words, but the complexity with which they are accomplished.  The more convoluted the thievery, the better-->the more laughter.
It is wildly funny, and it turns out that the rascality of the game yields more fun than the score.
Zalman and I would play on shabbos, using playing cards and a phone book to keep score without writing.  

It was a delight to introduce others to the game.  Dedicated Scrabble players are horrified.

Sweet dreams...