The remainder of the weekend with R' Tirzah was luminous, and strong.
Followed with lunch with a friend and a trip to the nearby nursery to look at plants.
Then home, settling in, dinner with current housemates.

I am fortunate to have a very good new(ish) neighbor in back...the one who discovered that his property line went right through the middle of the trees that edge my back yard.  (I always thought the property line was on the other side of those trees.)  He wanted to tell me about what he was planning with landscaping, rocks, etc., to assure me that he was as concerned as I about caring for the welfare of the trees.  (They give me a feeling of privacy, and they protect the neighboring property from both sun and wind.)  I am grateful to have considerate, "menschlich" neighbors.

I am looking forward to going upstairs to my bedroom, my most private space in the house, to read, to write, to sleep.