Beautiful beginning to a day:  our small and very sweet Monday Morning Group at 7:30.
I always put out tea fixings, and this time I added leftover challah, cookies...They kindly took the chometz away.
And beautiful end as well:  I am sitting with the laptop on the living room watching the embers glowing in the wood stove.  

I began kashering the kitchen for Pesach in earnest today.  I might even be mostly finished by the end of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, a sheet of plastic hangs in the entrance to landing.  Two guys hauled the washer and dryer out to the garage (I parked on the street) and we discovered the extent of the damage caused by dear and sweet Mazal:  extensive.
One guy stayed to tear the landing up. I started dismantling the kitchen and kashering dishes.  I kept going.  He finally went home at the end of the day.  

The kitchen was impossible by then.  I went to the nearby Indian restaurant for dinner, though now it was snowing.  Made a fire in the wood stove when I got back, and kept working.  I am now so exhausted I am inarticulate.  But lots did get done.

Sweet dreams, everybody.