What an amazing shabbos

I had the great joy of serving shabbos breakfast (bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, veggies) to one old friend whom I met when I was 18 who is currently here to speak at a conference; and a mutual friend who had befriended my mother the year she lived here.  What a great treat.

The deep rest of the remainder of shabbos gave me the energy, after havdalah, to begin kashering the kitchen starting with the refrigerator's freezer. 
I made some wonderful and some appalling discoveries: I surely have enough roasted poultry bones saved to produce gallons of soup stock after Pesach.  There are still  packets of frozen meat patties meant for the cats; need to find someone else with cats.  
And I must concede that habits grown from many years of forced frugality no longer serve me well:  
I stock up on things when they are on sale, make batches of dishes to freeze, and then forget they exist.  Unfortunately, once food is prepared, food banks will not accept it, for "health and safety" reasons.  If anyone reading this is local and not Jewish (because the stuff is not kosher for Pesach,) and would like some frozen homemade soups, etc., call me!

Tomorrow, I will go through the dry goods and separate what I can donate to a local food pantry.
Whatever remains I will deal with according to the legal fiction for Pesach:  corral it all into one area and "sell" the chometz to a non-Jew, who does not have the same obligations, for the duration of Passover, buying it back afterwards.

This year, I hope to complete the physical preparations early, so that I can concentrate on the substance of the holiday:  what stories in my own life are fractals of the greater story of liberation?
What is the story for this year?  
("In every generation, one must look at oneself as if s/he went out of Egypt...")

Good night.