It's coming

Mimi left this morning; her visit was a pleasure and a gift.  
I set about catching up, and by now feel overwhelmed at what still remains.

I am beginning to contemplate the upcoming Pesach cleaning.
Of course first comes the kitchen, and everything therein:  that is the sine qua non of kashering for Pesach.  
But the real fermenting mess is the archeological layers of papers back here on my desk.

The thing about this yearly cleaning out of all that might ferment is that it is never really done.
One moment after Pesach is over, stuff is brewing all around all over again.  
I imagine the papers on my desk not only fermenting, but reproducing in the dark of night after I have left the office.  
They are impatient, and weighing my eyelids down so they can begin their orgy of disorder.

I surrender.
Good night