About to actually go to bed

I have spent a full, rich day with Mimi, nominally my oldest stepdaughter; in reality, my contemporary.  She has been visiting the States from Israel, and I am delighted that the visit included Boulder.

I can barely remember back to this morning.  Our first cups of coffee were here; our breakfast at Lucille's.  We got to visit a mutual friend, do some shopping, dine at home, discover that neither of us can figure out how to work the TV.  

Then I took out the Scrabble set; I can't remember the last time I played.
I taught her the outlandish and outrageous rules Zalman and I developed---turning the game into Pirate Scrabble.  We would cackle, trick each other, do terrible things to the Scrabble board...I'm sure that much of our enjoyment came from outwitting not only our opponent, but the game itself.

My mind is turning towards Pesach, and what are the most urgent preparations.  Might there actually be a way to start preparing well enough in advance that I am not panicking and losing sleep the final week?