Another world

I am hear in the east-est part of northeast Philly, not that far from where I lived for some years in my grandmother's old house.
My cousin's condominium has been full to the brim with family:  three children, two sons-in-law and a grown grandchild who was not only superbly organized, but cheerfully dictatorial in accomplishing her perceived tasks.  One daughter shared the returnd patient's bed, a son-in-law slept on a couch, son and granddaughter went home with the family who live nearby, and I had the guest room.
All but the local remarkable organizing daughter left by mid-morning.  She stayed cleaning everything up until five.  My job is to stay with my cousin tomorrow, and make sure all is well and safe.
I had time today to experiment with learning to drive my cousin's car, a Prius her kids talked her into leasing.  That's funny, because otherwise, they represent the antithesis to Boulder:  they pay no attention whatsoever to any other aspect of waste, plastics, the possibility of recycling; and certainly none to the artificiality of most of their food.  My cousin, a dear and good person, doesn't want to hear about it, and absolutely does not want to be challenged to change anything.  Her kids already know this, so they don't try; also, they are not inclined.  I bite my tongue, and buy more spring water because I can no longer abide the taste of chlorine. 
I am grateful for this widely diverse family, with our own collection of wonderful people, crooks, heroes, crazies, valiant women, kind men, mischief makers (my grandmother), outliers (my mother), love stories and tragedies.
Mine surely can't be the only family with such a mix.

Other friends will visit me here on Monday.  
Tuesday, G-d willing, I will return to the open sky and mountains of Colorado.