It's late here.
I set the alarm for 6 a.m. to see the family off---and slept right through it.
While they were gone I did another grocery run (we'd listed all the fogotten items from yesterday.)
There is a hugekosher section of this Shop Rite market, and I found ¡kosher chicken necks and bones!
(O, what a marvellous find!)
So I got some fresh dill and parsley root, and made a chicken soup especially for my cousin.

The whole bunch came trooping in around dinner time, overjoyed that the doctors said she was doing well enough to not need further procedures today.  Yay!  (This took all day.)
The whole family were settled, relieved, around the dinner table when a very old friend of mine arrived, and we found a small restaurant nearby in which to catch up with each other.

Altogether a blessed day, and thank you to everyone who added Sheindl bat Leah into your prayers.