I was an only child of an only child, so these days have been a visit to another world, for me.
(As was a good deal of my marriage!)
My main contribution today was some grocery shopping, and the cooking of the subsequent mushroom-barley soup and glazed salmon.  Around the dinner table were my cousin, her three grown children, one son-in-law (another comes tomorrow), and me.
The after-dinner conversation pinned down just what kind of device to get for her that notifies a medical responder if there is a fall, an injury, etc.  It was efficient, cheerful, serious and funny all at the same time.  It also has made me realize that I had better consider my own plans, clarify them, and make them known to Zalman's children and to the people I would want to handle things in case of emergency.
I've been lent a car, and am driving v-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y while trying to remember how to get places in the far northeast of Philadelphia.  I seem to both know and to have forgotten in equal proportions. I learned that for drivers over 65, you cannot renew or get an extension of an expired driver's license on line.  Oops:  this last birthday I turned 69.  

Being in Philadelphia is always a layered experience for me---different periods of my life spent here, intermittently, from birth.  The neighborhood of my early childhood, once a wildly mixed immigrant place, is now a crumbling war zone.  A beloved delicatessen near this cousin's former house is, unbelievably, closed.  I have not been to the cousin who lives downtown yet, so have not seen what has happened to the places I loved to go as a teenager.

I do not know whether I will get to see the friends I had hoped to visit.  There may still be time...
It is strange for me to feel myself pulled so inward while traveling. It has to do with being confronted by the still-unarranged details of my own life; and my wondering how to focus the years, G-d willing, still left to me.  There are some things, uniquely mine, that have been in storage for a long time.
Right now, even emerging enough to write on this blog is an unaccustomed effort.
Nevertheless---more tomorrow.