At the end of the weekend

Today was the ninety-somethingth Rigberg Family Club Chanukah Party.

It was held in the social hall of a synagogue across the bridge in New Jersey. The food was kosher. The customs having to do with Chanukah gelt for the kids were maintained. Some people who were there last year were missing this year. New babies came to fill their places from the other end. It was very good to see some of my cousins whom I've not seen for years.

It was also good to visit with my cousin Barbara for a while after we got back to Philadelphia, and to have a light dinner with my friend and host. The last treat was a visit from one of my closest friends since high school; we've known each other since I was 12 years old. I've seen her through marriages and grown kids, changes of profession and location, several dear dogs, and the deteriorating state of her parents. She's seen me through years in California, Israel, Philadelphia and Colorado; through a late marriage, then widowhood.

I am falling asleep at the keyboard, and will close up before I accidentally erase everything.

More news tomorrow.

Blessings, this last night of Chanukah.