Oh my...

I find being in the city very strange---as if I had not grown up here, returned here, lived here, felt at home here---once upon a time.

I went where I intended by bus today; public transportation is free for elders with ID to show.

Many more panhandlers in the streets downtown.

But also many more conversations with strangers: in the street, on the bus, in grocery lines.

A racial mix that feels much more normal to me.

A greater variety of dress, of speech, of cultural differences, of race, of age.

Seeing so many older citizens on public transportation, I realized for the first time how rare that is in Boulder: elders are supposed to take Via, an arrangement for elder-bussing. Good idea...but it makes for an unintended segregation of the elder population, as if it were in bad taste to be old in public.

My cousin gifted me with a ticket to a performance of Handel's "Messiah"---quite a thing to be hearing on Chanukah. Tonight's rendition of the familiar music was simply stunning. The conductor practically danced his conducting; he was brilliant. The musicians, soloists and choir were all stunning.

It was a great treat, and a marvellous piece of art. I imagine a gratified Handel watching from another bardo.

And I remember, in contrast, a concert of The Messiah in San Francisco in the mid-'70's, where much of the audience chimed in to sing along here and there, in all sorts of different accents.

Oh dear..I just fell asleep between sentences.

I will take the hint and say good night, close up the laptop and go to bed.

I wish us a a good shabbos and the next two nghts of Chanukah candles. Back motz'ei shabbat.