Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 24 minutes ago

I am SO ready to tumble into bed...

In a kindly loaned car, I travelled from downtown Philly up to the far northeast of the city, well past where I once lived in my grandmother's old duplex, and even past the cousin who is now ill.

I finally made it to the new residence of the woman I have called Aunt Rosie forever---my mother's best friend. Their birthdays are a week apart. She now lives in the ground-floor small apartment of her daughter. Actually, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren (!) live there too.

And a small beautiful grey CAT who likes her as well.

Then came the adventure of the day: driving back downtown at the end of most people's workdays after dark in a borrowed car with a weirdly behaving eye (mine, not the car's) and a new cell phone running out of juice and no car charger.

I did make it downtown, and took refuge with my cousin while calling my friend to meet me---and it is always an extra treat to be with my cousin, and her son.

My friend and I managed to catch up on a lot of things over dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Grateful.

We have known each other since I was twelve, and seen each other through the many different incarnations we have packed into one lifetime each.

I realize I may have to begin to re-think the extent to which I can drive in a less-known city in the dark, if my eye continues to see large halos around lights at night...the beginning of the slippery slope!

Some of Zalman's colleagues, in growing older, write of their growing lists of "diminishments".

Now it is my turn to discover how I deal with them when they are not theoretical or someone else's.

Of course my first impulse is "Fix it!"

That may work with some things, but not with others; and never forever.

I will keep you posted.

Good night.