A wholly other day

Mishka the Cat is curled up on the desk by my right arm, fast asleep.

Housemate has returned, with friend; dinner together was delightful. What an interesting person.

I have continued re-visiting the mind-body techniques I used to teach others; I am rusty, but things come back quickly. Things have shifted from "Oh, holy shit! She wants me awake for this surgery???"

to "Far out... They'll block pain, and I get to be awake during the surgery!"

I must have been visited by the Spirit of Zalman, z'l, who, when he was a kid, asked for a mirror so he could see the doctor take out his tonsils.

I am enjoying revisiting the spectrum of mind-moves with which one can prepare for such things, both the classic relaxation/visualization, and the subtler, quicker imagery work of my teacher Mme. Colette, z'l.

Tomorrow, a trip to the spring for water.

I'm so lucky.

Good night.