What a day; what a night

The day began with the great gift of a friend who drove up from Denver---with a large bag of goodies. Actually, a multiplicity of gifts: the best of all being the gift of a visit with a friend. But that also included the great generosity and careful thoughtfulness of my friend, who brought bracelets which can serve me as amulets to bring her presence to mind when I need it; and an enormous collection of cd's of STORIES: what to listen to while face-down for days after surgery! What blessings.

The day ended with the yearly Christmas Eve at the Jewish Community Center: Chinese food and klezmer music. I was delighted to participate once more---my yearly opportunity to sing in Yiddish.

I am having more trouble memorizing lyrics this year, as well as more trouble seeing them.

I consider that combination really no fair, and plan to take it up with G-d.

There was also dancing, both folk and swing. My feet know the folkdances. A kind neighbor who turns out to be a really good dancer got me out on the dance floor, and I got to remember what fun this is while discovering how rusty I am.

I wanted somehow to acknowledge the yearning for Moshiach that is awakened by this season, by this holiday. The delicious band and I ended the evening with "Shnirele Perele"..."Moshiach ben David sitz ober un..." (See below)


Oops. Seems I don’t yet know how to attach a link on this site. Go to youtube and find the group “Pharaoh’s Daughter” singing the song “Shnirele Perele”.