Mid-winter shabbos

I attended a glorious celebration of a bar mitzvah this morning, in which the bar mitzvah himself and his father were both dressed formally in their family tartan kilts.

And because it was shabbos, I was free to come home and leisurely read...The book on preparing for surgery had arrived.

In it, I began to rediscover many of the deep-relaxation mind-body techniques that I used to teach others, decades ago. How fortunate...(and how embarrassing.) It seems a lifetime ago when I was exercising my own profession, working with body-oriented therapies, then with the healing use of imagery of my teacher Mme. Colette, z'l. In the years since, much of it had gone into deep storage, dormant, emerging only when someone else presented an urgent need.

The urgent need is now my own.

I have eleven days to revivify all I once knew and bring it all back on line.

Wish me luck!

Shavu'a tov...