It has been a good day, a busy day...

Mishka is curled up on the desk at my right, asleep.

I evidently did something today that strained my back, and I feel it. I hope that it has calmed by tomorrow.

I am feeling this odd mixture of very alone---and supported by friends and by family.

I have re-entered a period of missing Zalman intensely---his loving warmth, his wise perspective, his sense of humor. His presence.

(Mishka woke and is grooming, thoroughly.)

When I start missing him, it spreads out---my mother, my adoptive father, my teacher, my friend Marsha...

I find myself wishing that, like in the recent film "Coco", even if it were only once a year, and then only for a day, I could cross the marigold bridge and visit the ones I love.

I bring myself back to the present, and recall the riches of family and friendships that still remain, the rehearsal of klezmer music tomorrow night, the early minyan I hope to attend...Mishka the cat sleeping on her back, a proprietary paw on my arm as I type.

Blessings. Good night.