...the Cat is giving herself a bath next to the laptop.

Perhaps she is a closet mystic, and prefers to spend her nights alone downstairs meditating, figuring that she has done enough care-of-her-person during the day by stationing herself close to the laptop and purring.

I have spent the day trying to make some order amidst the copious chaos of my desk. No discernable results so far. Tomorrow I will continue, and will also go to a rehearsal for the upcoming Christmas Eve Klezmer concert.

A cauliflower sits in the refrigerator just waiting to be made into a creamy cauliflower-cheddar bisque tomorrow. Messes abound all over the house, begging to be set straight before the eye surgery.

The richest event of the day was a phone session with an acquaintance from long ago, ranging over the years-in-between and our multi-layered current realities: a real gift.

I am finding that the more I admit out loud that the prospect of the eye surgery scares me, the more the fear quiets just a little bit.

I am so grateful for all the offers of friendship, help, soup, prayer.

Blessings. Sweet dreams.