Furry Purry

...head resting on the corner of my laptop. Mishka the cat is napping.

It has been a blessed, restful shabbos.

I walked, this morning, in the Open Space near the house. I went around to the south then west until I came to the huge green water tank at the end of a road near a pine grove. I walked around to the back of the tank. It had been newly repainted, the green paint covering the teenage obscene graffiti. I was sure that Zalman's holy graffiti had been painted over; all the other graffiti was gone.

But I got round to the back of the tank, and there it was, still in his hand, intense black against the new green, all those blessings as if he had spray-painted it yesterday.

My beloved's blessings have been bleeding through multiple re-paintings of the water tank over the years, and are still infusing the neighborhood water supply with goodwill.

That's an encouraging thought to take up to bed with me.

Good night.