On the eve of travel

It has been a really restful shabbos.

A friend joined me for lunch. Mishka the cat kept me company on and off; she also watched the mouse-and-bird-TV, crouched near the sliding doors.

I am so very grateful for the hospitality and the generosity of friends and family;and I am looking forward to seeing them all. Going back to Philly is always some sort of time travel---parts of so many different phases of my life were spent there.

Now I go upstairs and choose what to pack---always a challenge to pick the right stuff, and not too much. I used to stay up all night before a trip in order to clear my desk, make sure all was taken care of, etc. Not any more: my desk is in a semi-permanent state of disarray. I will be happy to wash my hair, pack the small suitcase and get almost enough sleep.


Mishka draped over the corner of the laptop, dozing; an inspiration.