Back to...¿normal?

Not quite...but heading there.

Mishka is curled up by my right arm and the laptop.

I spent some of the day taking care of practical things that were way overdue: new cartridge for the printer, bills, two leaking toilets (with the help of Netanel and new flaps,) mail, durable power of attorney signed and notarized, medical information (prescriptions, doses, etc.) up on the refrigerator door. The election is over, and it is time to put my house in order.

I put the seeds of the pumpkin that I carved for Hallowe'en on a paper plate on the back deck.

Today, Mishka got to watch the equivalent of cat TV as a tiny mouse began stocking up, seed by seed, for the weather to come, dragging each to the crack in the deck (mouse cupboard.)

I am falling asleep at the computer.

Good, blessed night...