--->from the delight of hosting family, back to sharing a big house with one small cat and a housemate who is on retreat elsewhere.

It was a real joy to have the family here, all of them. The baby---toddler, really---was so gentle and sweet with this very shy and cautious cat that she was very comfortable with him. That's an amazing thing for such a small being.

I begin to understand why grandparents would like to live about two blocks away from the grandkids.

Some of my beloved's things were requested. Reasonably. It was hard to give them up, even though it was the right thing to do. Others I gave unasked, willingly.

Such strange behaviors show themselves when I must reckon---again and again---with the absence I never wanted, though I knew it would come.

The carcass of the Thanksgiving turkey has morphed into a gallon of turkey-barley-mushroom soup. (The bones had simmered overnight in water with a touch of cider vinegar, to draw out the minerals.)

I just fell asleep between words (oops.)

Time to sleep, like Mishka who is curled by my right forearm breathing rhythmically and deeply.

Sweet dreams, everybody...