I spent much of the day preparing for their arrival: shopping, checking the child-proofing,

cooking up a butternut squash soup and some fresh wild salmon. Then they arrived!

Oh my: Meshullam is walking around, picking things up and putting them down, opening cabinets and looking inside. (Note to self: find the small bungee cords...) He is curious, intelligent, grounded.

Shlomo Barya and I got a chance to catch up some after Ahava and Meshullam had gone to bed. Mishka came out of hiding and joined us.

I am so delighted and grateful for the visit.

Now I'm the elderly relative that those in their prime may come to visit. I can offer them my witness and my love, my delight in their presence, healthy food...

and the imprint of the memory of their father, who was my beloved.

Good night.